Thursday, 22 March 2012

Walking can be a pain

A hard learning curve for the Manxies coming off the Winter Walking Leagues having to step up to the higher standards  of 'serious' walking srequired in the recent Welbeck weekend enforcing standards that don't apply to 99% of those who enter the Parish Walk.  Congratulations are heartily due to those who finished

Never mind a week off afterwards in readiness to start out on the serious effort and training for the Big Day not now so many days away.  I was informed that the TT starts in 64 days time, not sure if that is exactly right but it is the time by which most peoples' training should be winding down.  Put like that, not many days and weekends to go.
It means the big effort now commencing.  What did I do in the few days off? Why go and enter a squash competition!  It can be a good idea to obtain fitness and stamina from another discipline which requires fitness of different muscle sets so it seemed like a good idea at the time.  Well was it?  I picked up the fitness and the training break was fun but at the expense of all things of a slight foot injury!  Such is life, just about over it now and managed to do 3 hours at the weekend following so not so bad as feared,  It is vital to expect to pick up the odd niggling injury and to allow for it within your training schedule.  Walking is virtually injury free hence its wide appeal but accidents will happen.

Next time some tips under the heading how to do the Parish Walk and get through the training...without losing your sanity! Get out there training...


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  2. Nice one, John. I thought you'd emigrated or something ;)

    It perhaps behoves be to point out that you've made a rather wonderful mistake in your post by referring to the Manx Harriers Open Walks as sponsored by the Welbeck, whereas another hotel offered the main support.

    If you are out training one day and unexpectedly receive a kick on the shins, you'll probably discover that it was Dave Mackey of the Ascot.

    I hope you recover from your injury.