Sunday, 1 April 2012

How to do the Parish Walk (1)

The Armchair method.

There are many different ways to do the Parish Walk and maybe you didn't think this might be one of them.  The armchair  method.  Stick with this a bit longer if you're not just sure where this is going.

It's otherwise the approach of those people who know it all.  Who can live without doing it or anything physical and tell you endurance really is all in the mind.   We all know them.  Do 'they' know it all? Maybe.  They certainly have the advantage over the other guy, the one who doesn't believe the PW is all in the mind, who maybe recognises the sheer physical effort and time required even to do the training necessary just to reach an intermediate finish point.

I have learned one thing.  It isn't all a mind game.  If you can convince yourself it is, all well and good to you, you will save yourself a lot of anguish, pain, time and effort and maybe even grief at home and from friends whose friendship is truly tested if they agree to do the back up drive (through the night) (at four miles an hour) (or less!) for hours eh hm, non-stop, (actually probably the only thing that really is worse than the walking!)

For Mr Mind Guy and you if the armchair method works for you, dear reader look not further at this blog, it isn't going to help.   On the other hand, if you believe there really is no gain without pain and you're prepared for slight agonies, then come back soon for How to do the Parish Walk (2)...Well it is All fools Day...1st April.

Start training now and some almost serious tips to come.


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