Monday, 23 April 2012

Sara Killey Fireman's Walk

Some good craic along the Sara Killey way on this longish haul. Personally I find it one of the hardest. Congratulations to Michael and fellow blogger Richard on a good tussle at the front, probably had no time to chat those two, but further down the field there were some pretty good stints being put in by us also-rans. I dont include RobbieC in that description but it was fun to be ahead of him up to entering Bride parish. Trouble is he was sort of dawdling along! It seemed at that point to be down to who was having the longest tee-breaks as we (he and Phillip Vermulen)or me passed and repassed each other! Sadly the wheels came off a bit at that point - probably demoralised at failing to stay ahead - but after a really bad patch when I felt as if I really didn't need to be doing it, the energy levels kicked in again and I retook a number of people who had left me 400 metres behind. It does happen on these long walks. I learned from it though. At that distance in the PW you have to have back up and this does means this is less likely to happen. However you feel, make sure you dont ignore the importance of the supplements. Also on the walk yesterday, I was along time with a guy whom I recognised as a good long distance walker. I made the mistake of asking him if he was entering the PW again this. "No way" he replied, "once you've done it no need to repeat the experience." Half way round the Fireman's, I knew what he meant, so I didn't dare tell him I had done it more than once, he'd have thought me a complete idiot! Perhaps I am - along with all the other repeat finishers. One thing I would say though, you never forget the feeling of finishing that first time or the next!

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