Saturday, 4 February 2012

The bug.

It's usually about this time of the new year that the notion of entering the Parish Walk enters peoples' minds, mine too usually; my family tells me I'm mad and I sit down until the feeling goes away.  The trouble is, the Parish Walk is one of those things that gnaws away at you and in no time at all the feeling comes back again. It must be the addiction gene eventually mind gets thebetter over matter and the entry gets lodged. Having decided to go for the challenge, the next issue is how to get the right sort of training to be fit enough for the challenge.  More of that another time.

This year it's been very different. The Winter Walking League has been a fun way to keep a moderate degree of fitness over the winter months and somehow the PW doesn't seem so daunting. Why I haven't entered the league before is probably down to idleness (come on who of us is usually so pushed on a Sunday morning once in a month!?)  I would recommend it to anyone wanting to have a serious go in June.  Probably not necessary if you're going to Peel and have a reasonable fitness from  some other sport but for anyone planning on going further give it a go over the winter!

Sadly, the last round is now upon us on the coldest weekend of the year but ho hum it's still got to be done!  There was a moment of concern for me after the last round until I spotted that my time had been loaded with an extra ten minutes.  I'm slowly getting the hang on the pace (well my pace not the fast guys) of these races and a handicap is one thing but adding more to mine seemed harsh!  Many thanks for the adjustment to timings folks!  It's been great comradeship and you make a lot of friends along the way.   See you Sunday bright and early!

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