Saturday, 18 February 2012

Next step - the shops

It's about the time now for anyone hoping to do all or much of the Parish Walk to think about the training necessary - if they haven't already started -  I'm off to buy new trainers nextweek to get them ready for the long walk in June and one tip I can pass on is that the last thing anyone should do is start the event in shoes that are brand new or put on for the first time on the day.
I actually know someone who did this.  They shall remain nameless, they know who they are and I sincerely hope they don't read this.  Trust me, after 19 miles these feet were some of the worst damaged I have ever seen and there have been some pretty gruesome outcomes in that department, just look at Dermott O's book of the Parish Walk to see what can happen!  You need all the help going to get it right on the day and starting early with good shoes looking well worn on the day,  gives you at least a chance of avoiding this schoolboy/girl error.  I'll let you know how it goes and the recommendations and then start talking about doing some mileage not too much!  Till next week.

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