Saturday, 18 February 2012

Next Up

The Winter Walking Leagues have ended!  Some liked them, some I met hated them but for anyone wishing to get that easy introduction into Race Walking I would strongly recommend them.  And they provide a good reason to get up early on some chilly Sunday mornings to give it a go.  They have been very enjoyable with great camaraderie and sportsmanship.  Me? I gave them a go to see if I could maintain fitness over the winter months and get a headstart with my training for the Parish Walk into the bargain.  Has it worked?  Obviously only one day in June will really tell me that but here's hoping.

I wanted to see the final results of the leagues before posting this to see if they gave me any pointers for next steps on the path to fitness but I wrote this post over a week ago, whether or not it's me or the MH website I can't access them so need to get this out before it's completely irrelevant  sorry for the delay but not my fault - honest!!

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