Monday, 27 February 2012

New shoes on the block

Kept to the plan and got along to Up & Running (no, this is not a plug for them but they were really helpful!) in order to get new shoes organised in readiness for the long walk.  High Street chains? Forget them, this was service with necessary skills and a ready smile.  And it took a while!  We've all been customers of high street sports emporiums where it feels as if the assistant doesn't know one end of the shoe from the other (I suppose they do mostly sell nothing but England (sorry!) kit), or the difference between a cross trainer and a cross-dresser.  Try U&R, immense knowledge and interesting assistance with the latest video evidence of what your feet are actually doing when you walk.  I came away with some shiny new Asics in my case.  All I've to do now is the training, no excuses, just get stuck in.  Modest to start with and then longer sessions so that come the day they will look well worn in and from any angle no longer new.    Are they the right boots for my my pads?  Chris Cale certainly thinks so and he's a man who should know - he's going for his 10th finish, pretty cool that.  So far all they have done is trek round the house (well he said I could change them if they still looked new!)

Next outing of note is the 20k this Saturday.  Too soon to test them in anger me thinks but after that they'll be hitting the roads for sure.  Must remember no long trousers on Saturday!
Thanks Chris for your help from another Parish Walker sorted hopefully to travel and to arrive.

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